Type of Facility: Corium


In case of a steam explosion, e.g. as a consequence of a severe reactor accident, part of the thermal energy of the melt is transferred into mechanical energy. At Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, the ECO experiments are being directed to measure the conversion factor under well-defined conditions. The programme was launched in 2000. Alumina from a thermite reaction is used as a simulating material instead of corium. Dimensions of the test facility as well as major test conditions, e.g. temperature and release mode of the melt, water inventory and test procedure, are based on the former PREMIX experiments (from 1994 to 1999).


The ECO facility, housed inside the large FAUNA steel vessel, was designed for investigating energy conversion ratios up to 20 %, related to 10 kg of melt. In principle, it consists of a piston/ cylinder system having 4 m in the total height. The melt generator providing the melt (≈ 2600 K) is part of the cylinder. The water pool has 0.6 m in diameter, and up to 1.3 m in depth. The steam explosion is triggered by two explosion capsules located in the centre and at the edge of the bottom of the pool. The test vessel (”piston”), under the pressure forces developing due to the steam explosion, moves downwards against the resistance of the underlying crushing material.

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