Type of Facility: Corium


The KROTOS test facility is a relatively small scale experimental installation dedicated to the study of: (a) molten fuel-coolant pre-mixing either with prototypic reactor melts or simulants such as alumina up to 5 kg; (b) progression and energetics of spontaneous and triggered fuel-coolant interactions (vapor explosions).


The test section of the KROTOS facility consists of a stainless steel test section bolted to lugs welded on the inner side walls of a stainless steel pressure vessel. The cylindrical pressure vessel, inner diameter 0.4 m, height, 2.21 m, has a thick flat bottom and a flanged flat upper head and is designed to withstand a static pressure of 2.5 MPa at 493 K. The cylindrical test section, inner diameter 200 mm, outer diameter 240 mm, closed at the bottom by either a flat plate or with a gas trigger device, can contain water up to a height of about 1.27 m (about 40 litres).

The KROTOS main objective is to provide basic experimental information on FCI (Fuel-Coolant Interaction) phenomena relevant to severe accident situations in nuclear reactors.
KROTOS was transferred to CEA Cadarache at the end of the JRC-Ispra MFCI programme in 1999. It is at present part of the French institute research programme on severe accidents.

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